Motorist Assistance Plan New and Used Vehicle Service Contract

The one feature no vehicle should be without: MAP Motorist Assistance Plan

Motorist Assistance Plan: A wise investment for every vehicle.

Today's automobiles are amazing machines-complex engineering marvels that surround us with safety, comfort, and convenience.

But as vehicles become more sophisticated, every type of repair and maintenance becomes more challenging-and expensive. Buyers are keeping vehicles longer and driving them further-often well beyond the limits of the factory warranty.

A Vehicle Service Contract is one of the best investments you can make. It protects you from unexpected repair costs and gives you confidence, knowing that you are covered against the expense, inconvenience, and danger of a breakdown.

Don't take the risk. Make sure you're protected with a MAP ® Vehicle Service Contract.

Protect yourself and your vehicle with:
  • Mechanical Breakdown Coverage
  • Rental Reimbursement
  • Trip Interruption Coverage
  • Roadside Assistance

Premium Coverage Protection

PREMIUM COVERAGE includes all assemblies and parts on your vehicle (including electric and hybrid) with the exception of the following list of WHAT IS NOT COVERED:

EXCLUDES - Exhaust system; catalytic converter; clutch assembly; shock absorbers; alignments; wheel balances; tires; wheels; fan belts; accessory drive belts; spark plugs; filters; flexible hoses; brake rotors and drums; brake pads and shoes; lenses; sealed beams; light bulbs; head lamps; tail lamps; high mount stop lamps; L.E.D. light assemblies; battery; battery cables; spark plug wires; distributor cap and rotor; paint; carpet; bright metal; trim; sheet metal; bumpers; body panels; glass; physical damage; moldings; upholstery; weather strips; canvas top; vinyl top; fabric top; fiberglass top; air and water leaks; wind noise; squeaks and rattles; coolants and lubricants; refrigerants; tune ups; and maintenance services.

Choice Coverage Protection

CHOICE COVERAGE includes parts listed below PLUS all parts listed in the SELECT program:

ENGINE - belt tensioners; cam gear bolt; harmonic balancer bolt; and head bolts.

TRANSMISSION - transmission cooler and transmission control module (TCM).

TRANSFER CASE - 4X4 sensors.

DRIVE AXLES - center support/carrier bearings; and differential cover.

AC/HEATING - (includes only factory or dealer installed equipment)condenser fan/motor; accumulator; drier; expansion valve; idler pulley; driver operated A/C controls; electronic A/C control module; heater core; and blower motor.

SUSPENSION - electronic stability control system; traction control system; control arms; factory or dealer installed manufacturers accessory lift kits and/or oversized tires that still remain within manufacturers specifications; McPherson struts; ball joints; king pins and bushings.

STEERING - tire pressure monitoring system; pitman arm; idler arm; tie rod ends; and drag link.

COOLING - radiator; cooling fan; cooling fan motor; fan clutch; radiator fan shroud; and coolant recovery tank.

FUEL SYSTEM - fuel injection pump; fuel injectors; fuel tank; metal fuel lines; fuel pressure regulator; fuel sending unit; fuel gauge; idle air control (IAC) valve and motor; engine control module (ECM); and fuel injection sensors.

BRAKE - antilock brake system (ABS); crash avoidance system; hydraulic lines and fittings; and parking brake actuator.

ELECTRICAL - ignition coil; horns; distributor; windshield wiper motors; windshield wiper linkage; windshield washer pump; power seat motor; power antenna motor; power window motors; window regulators; power door lock actuators; power trunk release; wiring harnesses; cruise control systems; adaptive cruise control systems; ignition lock cylinder; all manually operated switches; sunroof motor; convertible top motor; and driver information gauges.

- (manufacturer installed only) keyless entry system; push button starting system; manufacturer installed communication systems; GPS and entertainment systems, including factory installed DVD and MP3 players; night vision systems and displays; and lane departure warning systems.

- control systems; cooling systems; motor/generator/traction motor and all internally lubricated parts; on board charger; on board charger connector; on board trickle charger cable; power invertors; and regenerative braking systems components.

Select Coverage Protection

SELECT COVERAGE includes parts listed below:

ENGINE - cylinder block; cylinder heads; all internally lubricated parts; turbocharger; supercharger; harmonic balancer; timing gear, chain, and
belt; timing cover; intake and exhaust manifolds; valve covers; oil pan; and engine mounts.

TRANSMISSION - transmission case; all internally lubricated parts; torque converter; flywheel/flexplate; vacuum modulator; transmission mounts; and transmission oil pan.

TRANSFER CASE - transfer case; all internally lubricated parts; and 4X4 actuator.

DRIVE AXLES - drive axle housing; axle bearings; locking hubs; all internally lubricated parts; drive shafts; universal joints; and constant
velocity joints.

AC/HEATING - (includes only factory or dealer installed equipment) condenser; compressor; compressor clutch; compressor pulley; compressor drive motors and evaporator.

SUSPENSION - control arm shafts, bearings, and bushings; wheel bearings; spindles and supports; radius arm and bushings; stabilizer bar, links, and bushings; torsion bars; hub and bearing assembly; coil springs; and leaf springs.

STEERING - steering gear box/rack; all internally lubricated parts; power steering pump; electric steering motor; and steering column shaft/couplings.

COOLING - water pump.

FUEL SYSTEM - fuel delivery pump.

BRAKE - master cylinder; power brake cylinder; vacuum assist booster; calipers; wheel cylinders; and compensating valve.

ELECTRICAL - alternator; starter motor; starter solenoid; and starter drive.

Additional Benefits

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE - Benefits include towing, flat tire changes, jump starts, fluid delivery, and lockout assistance. MAP covers up to $100 per occurrence (less the cost of parts or fluids required).

TRIP INTERRUPTION - You also have the added benefit of expense coverage for overnight stays and meals incurred if you are stranded due to the failure of a covered breakdown and you are more than 100 miles from your home. MAP provides up to $125 per day (maximum of 5 days) for trip interruption.

RENTAL REIMBURSEMENT - MAP provides up to $40 per day (maximum of 5 days) for alternate transportation if your vehicle is in a repair facility undergoing repairs for a covered breakdown. For Premium Coverage only, the total dollar limit is increased to $560 or up to 14 days if repairs are delayed due to the manufacturer's failure to deliver replacement parts.

UNLIMITED NUMBER OF CLAIMS - The number of claims on your vehicle is unlimited. See your contract for details on payable claims. NATIONWIDE COVERAGE - MAP is honored in both the United States and Canada. If you happen to be traveling, you can have confidence that repairs of a covered component will be taken care of for you. Just call our toll free number for prior approval.

- The Motorist Assistance Plan provides coverage for seals and gaskets on any covered part listed within each coverage level. Minor loss of fluid or seepage is considered normal and is not considered a mechanical breakdown.

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